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Concrete Cleaning  with Power Washing and Pressure Washing Concrete

Man cleaning a driveway with pressure washing equipment
Brick Driveway Pressure Washing
before and after pool washing

Looking for cleaning of concrete, our service provides all concrete cleaning, such as pressure washing concrete, tile, brick pavers, travertine, stamped concrete etc. Our chemicals that we use are the most advanced cleaners in the industry while application and methods are ECO friendly. The most common is to pressure wash concrete driveways and car storages and parking areas which gets dirty quickly from the friendly organic growth environment in Central Florida and car grease and oil. We recommend pressure washing concrete, concrete cleaning or paver style patios once a year. This can drastically change the look of your property and extend the life of most building materials.​ Our clean washing concrete process starts by applying a pretreatment of detergents to help loosen all the dirt, grime and debris. We then use a hot water surface cleaner to apply even pressure to all areas of the surface to bring it back to life. Once we do that, our team will touch up corners, edges and areas the surface cleaner couldn’t reach using a fan tip on a wand. Next the pressure washing concrete driveway is completely rinsed, and finally concrete cleaning gets a post treatment to remove any further algae/ mildew. This will leave a long lasting clean! If you do not do the pre and post treatments, the driveway will not be 100% clean, as our detergents remove everything down to the clean concrete substrate. Our specialized chemicals that we use at City Power Washing in Florida take care of 99% of various stains like rust, efflorescence, calcium, grease, battery acid and a multitude of other stain causes. City Power Washing of Deltona Florida is well experienced to clean by washing concrete and do your driveways, patios, sidewalks, store fronts, commercial property cleaning and hundreds of other everyday maintenance areas. Pro Pressure Washing Concrete Cleaning | City Power Washing

We Are Concrete Cleaning Experts In Central Florida

remove water rust
after rust removal

City Power Washing of Deltona handles all surface cleaning involving rust, calcium, algae, mold, efflorescence, grease, atmospheric pollution bee dobber and most organic stains or lechon buildup. Remember stripping away stains from surfaces is like peeling an onion. Clean pressure washing concrete is a process. It is a layer by layer process.. Our specialized chemicals that we use at City Power Washing in Florida take care of 99% of most stains. City Power Washing of Deltona Florida is well experienced to do your driveways, patios, sidewalks, store fronts, equipment, holding tanks and common areas of commercial property. Our experience in chemicals and processes that lead the power washing and soft washing industries in Central Florida Power Washing Services!

Rusty Truck Cleaning Before
Freshly cleaned work truck

Service Station Cleaning and Power Washing Commercial Pressure Washing Concrete

Gas Station Washing Before
Gas Station Cleaning by City Power Washing

We Have The Tried And True Experience in Surface Cleaning

garbage area cleaning
Garbage Area and Dumpster Cleanng

Commercial Clean Concrete Washing by the Professional Surface Restoration Team with Surface Restoration Products

Yes, there are chemicals specifically designed to help clean concrete surfaces like parking garages and gas stations. These chemicals are formulated to effectively remove dirt, oil, grease, stains, and other contaminants that commonly accumulate on concrete surfaces in high-traffic areas. One of the most commonly used chemicals that City Power Washing for washing concrete surfaces is a concrete cleaner or degreaser. These products are typically alkaline-based and contain surfactants that help break down and lift away stubborn stains and grease. Concrete cleaners are available in various forms such as liquid concentrates, powders, or ready-to-use solutions. They can be applied using pressure washers, sprayers, or by manual scrubbing. Concrete detergents are another type of chemical used for cleaning concrete surfaces. These detergents are specifically formulated to remove general dirt and grime from concrete without causing any damage. They are usually mild and safe to use on different types of concrete surfaces. In addition to cleaners and detergents, concrete etching solutions are also available for more intensive cleaning purposes. These solutions contain strong acids such as hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid that help remove tough stains, mineral deposits, and efflorescence from the surface of the concrete. However, it is important to note that these etching solutions should be used with caution and following the manufacturer's instructions to avoid any damage to the concrete or harm to the user. Furthermore, concrete sealers can be applied after cleaning to protect the surface from future staining and make it easier to clean in the future. Sealers create a protective barrier on the concrete surface that helps repel water, oil, and other contaminants. It is important to choose the appropriate chemical based on the specific needs of the concrete surface being cleaned. Factors such as the type of stain or contamination, the age and condition of the concrete, and environmental considerations should all be taken into account when selecting a cleaning chemical. In summary, chemicals specifically designed for cleaning concrete surfaces like parking garages and gas stations are available. Our service has gone through surface restoration training in these chemicals. These include concrete cleaners, detergents, etching solutions, and sealers. It is important to choose the right chemical based on the specific requirements of the concrete surface to achieve effective and safe cleaning results. We have the pressure washing concrete experience to produce quality results.

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