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Pressure Washing Damage from a Want to Be !

Updated: May 1

Don't Hire an Inexperienced Pressure Washer
Local Teenage Pressure Washer

It was a hot summer day when my neighbor, Mrs. Jenkins, decided that her home needed a good pressure washing. The siding was looking a bit grimy and the trim around the windows and doors had become discolored over time. She had found a flyer in her mailbox advertising pressure washing services from a local high school student named Jim.

Jim was a hard-working young man who was trying to make some extra money over the summer break. Mrs. Jenkins liked the idea of supporting a young entrepreneur and decided to give him a call. Jim was eager to take on the job and promised to have Mrs. Jenkins' house looking brand new in no time.

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse. As Jim began pressure washing the siding, Mrs. Jenkins noticed that he was applying too much pressure in some areas, causing the siding to become warped and damaged. She tried to intervene, but Jim assured her that he knew what he was doing and continued on despite the pressure washing damage.

After Jim finished, Mrs. Jenkins inspected her home and was shocked by what she saw. The siding was in worse condition than before, with large sections now needing to be replaced. The trim around the windows and doors was marred and chipped, and her flower beds had been trampled and damaged by Jim's careless walking.

Mrs. Jenkins was devastated. Not only had she wasted $500 on Jim's services, but now she was facing thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. She tried to contact Jim to address the issue, but he had disappeared without a trace.

As Mrs. Jenkins scrambled to find a solution to her home's damages, she realized a valuable lesson: it is imperative to hire professional pressure washers who have insurance and experience. While Tim may have meant well, his lack of knowledge and experience had cost Mrs. Jenkins dearly.

In the end, Mrs. Jenkins had to pay out of pocket for the repairs to her home. She learned the hard way that cutting corners when it comes to home maintenance can end up costing you more in the long run. From then on, she made sure to research and hire reputable pressure washing companies with the proper credentials.

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